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What is is the NBA’s one-stop shop for all ticket types for all teams: Fans can link out to buy single game tickets directly from the team, browse resale options, or view more options on team ticket pages, including promotions and deals.

What does “Buy from team” mean?

“Buy from team” means just that – you’ll be purchasing tickets directly from the team via the team’s ticketing software platform (each team works with its own chosen ticketing partner). Buying directly from the team ensures that the team has issued the tickets for the first time to you; you are never purchasing re-sold or re-issued tickets.

Why I am being linked out to another site to buy? is not a transactional site – it is a hub that links to the official team ticketing options for each team. You can be assured that each site you are linked out to is official, safe and secure.

How do I know I will get real tickets?

Your tickets will be issued directly from the team. When you buy directly from the team, there is no risk of duplicate or fraudulent tickets.

Are there discounts available for large groups?

Yes! Teams love to work with large groups. Refer to the “More Options” link over your team’s logo and select “group tickets” from the team’s tickets page.

How do I buy season tickets or partial season plans?

Click “More Options” on your team’s logo and refer to their season ticket and partial plan information. In most cases, you can purchase online, submit an inquiry, or call the team directly.

How do I find out if my team is offering special deals?

Many teams offer special deals for tickets throughout the season. Click “More Options” on your team’s logo and start shopping on your team’s site. Be sure to sign up to receive your team’s email offers to be in the loop on all ticket deals.

How is different from

Ticketmaster is the official ticketing partner of the NBA. Ticketmaster provides the transactional engine that most of the NBA teams utilize. provides links to Ticketmaster for each team that utilizes Ticketmaster, and to the respective primary ticketing partner for each team not utilizing Ticketmaster.

How are ticket prices set?

Individual teams set their prices for all primary ticket sales (i.e., not resale). Prices may vary by opponent, day of the week, section, row, seat, and/or additional factors.

Why are there fees added on to my ticket purchase?

Teams and venues negotiate fee structures within their individual partnerships with ticketing partners.

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Resale – Buyers

What does ‘browse resale’ mean?

Selecting “Browse resale” will bring you to the team-approved resale marketplace where tickets are re-sold. Each of those tickets was initially sold by the team to: a season ticket holder, a professional ticket broker, a group ticket purchaser, or an individual game ticket purchaser.

How do I know that the tickets listed on Resale Marketplace by Ticketmaster are authentic?

The Resale Marketplace is authorized as the Official Resale Marketplace of the NBA. All tickets listed on the Resale Marketplace are 100% authentic or your money back.

When you buy tickets for select events (identified with “Ticketmaster Verified” notation on the ticket listing page) on resale Marketplace, the barcodes on those tickets are electronically validated by Ticketmaster’s exclusive barcode verification technology. The original ticket barcodes are cancelled and new, unique tickets are reiussed with your name on them. This process guarantees the authenticity of the tickets.

Who am I buying tickets from on the resale site?

You may be purchasing from a professional ticket broker, a season ticket holder, a partial plan holder, a group ticket purchaser, or an individual game purchaser.

How are prices set on the resale site?

Ticket prices are set by the seller of the tickets, which may include professional ticket brokers, season ticket holders, group ticket purchasers, and individual game ticket purchasers. Teams do not set prices on resale sites.

Why are there fees added on to the ticket purchase?

The Resale Marketplace provides a service where ticket holders can resell those tickets to consumers conveniently and safely. The fees for this service cover costs for operating and maintaining this marketplace and, considered with other revenues, earn a profit.

What if the event is cancelled?

For tickets purchased via Resale Marketplace, please click here for the cancellation policy:

Ticket Exchange FAQ

What do Instant Delivery and Electronic Delivery mean on Resale Marketplace? Resale Marketplace features 2 types of electronic delivery: Instant Delivery and Electronic Delivery.

Instant Delivery: tickets are verified by Ticketmaster and reissued in your name. Your PDF-formatted tickets are emailed within minutes of completing your order.

Electronic Delivery: tickets are verified by Ticketmaster and are reissued in your name. Your PDF-formatted tickets are emailed within hours of completing your order. There are some cases where Electronic Delivery tickets are not available for immediate delivery. In these cases, a specific ship date is noted in the ticket listing.

What does “Ticketmaster Verified” mean on Resale Marketplace?

Ticketmaster’s exclusive barcode verification technology provides consumers the ultimate in security and convenience. For tickets marked as “Instant Delivery” and “Electronic Delivery” the original barcodes are validated as authentic, cancelled and new tickets are reissued with new barcodes for the buyer, guaranteeing the authenticity of the re-issued ticket.

Does Ticketmaster hold back tickets offered by teams and resell them on Resale Marketplace?

Ticketmaster does not resell tickets on the Resale Marketplace. All tickets offered on Resale Marketplace are sold by either professional ticket brokers, season ticket holders, partial plan holders, group ticket holders or individual ticket buyers.

Why does the Resale Marketplace URL say ‘’?

TicketsNow, a Ticketmaster owned company, provides the back-end technology engine for Resale Marketplace.

Is affiliated with TicketsNow?

In selecting Ticketmaster as the engine that drives the Resale Marketplace, the NBA authorizes TicketsNow (also known as Ticketmaster Resale and owned by Ticketmaster) to provide the back-end technology powering Resale Marketplace.

How do I contact Resale Marketplace by Ticketmaster?

Please contact us via email or phone.

NBA Tickets Retail Support Email


Resale – Sellers

I have tickets that I want to sell. Can I do that on Resale Marketplace?

Yes. If you are a season ticket holder, it is best to post your tickets for sale using your team’s account manager tool.

If you are not a season ticket holder, click “browse resale”, then follow the instructions to sell on the next page. The first time you post tickets for sale you will be required to set up an Resale Marketplace account. Once your account is registered, you will be able to list, edit, track your ticket listings, manage your payment options and view your transaction history through your account and be informed by email when your tickets sell.

Can I send my tickets to Resale Marketplace by Ticketmaster to have them sold? Resale Marketplace by Ticketmaster does not purchase tickets outright from ticket sellers.

Have more questions?

Most questions can be answered in the Sellers Reference Guide. 

Sellers Reference Guide